Booby-Trapped Religious Books in Iraq

May 10, 2016

Several incidents of Islamic State (IS) operatives allegedly booby-trapping Islamic religious books, including the Quran and Quranic interpretations (tafasir), to target Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), militias and civilians have been recently observed. Documented by the ISF and the governor of one of Iraq's predominately Sunni provinces, visual evidence suggests IS has few qualms with utilizing Islamic religious books to conceal IEDs or as bait for a victim-operated IED (VOIED). While various books are used by terrorist organizations and anarchists around the world to conceal IEDs and IED components, the use of religious books as a booby-trapping and 'come-on' TTP specifically seeks to exploit the religious sentiments, piety, and reverence of the intended target.

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