Caucasus Emirate Instructs Jihadists about Solanine Poison

Mar 27, 2016

In February 2016, Islamdin, a jihadist website affiliated with the Caucasus Emirate, posted the latest lesson in its online instructional video series. The video provides viewers with guided instructions for producing solanine poison from potatoes and adding it to either a victim's food or beverage for poisoning through ingestion. Solanine is easy to produce and, as potatoes are a common food staple, extracted from an easily obtainable source. Its method of delivery is limited to ingestion, though potentially more effective in a targeted attack, the toxin could also be used in a mass attack on a water supply. The video's publication demonstrates, once again, the continuing appeal of using biological materials – and other toxic and poisonous materials – to conduct a CBRN attack among terrorists. To purchase the full Terrogence alert please contact