Jihadist Forum User Suggests Poisoning Bullets

Dec 15, 2016

In late November 2016, a user on password protected forum, began a thread on the topic of poisoning bullets. The thread itself – and others on related topics – was inspired by an Islamic State (IS) propaganda video highlighting the group's snipers in action in the battle for Mosul, though the IS video had nothing to do with poisoned ammunition. Jihadist discussion on poisoned ammunition was limited to providing two external links on the topic, including one on poisoning from phosphorus bullets, and praise and encouragement to pursue the idea. In theory, poison would increase a bullet's potential lethality, as a victim who may have otherwise recovered from a bullet wound may die as a result of the toxin contained therein. However, it is unlikely that using poisoned ammunition would be more tactically effective on the battlefield than using existing ammunition. More tactically effective, perhaps, would be using such a bullet in targeted killings or assassinations.