Jihadist Tutorials on Producing Sodium Cyanide and Phosphine Gas

Apr 27, 2016

Little more than a month after releasing its previous instructional video on the production of solanine poison, the jihadist website Islamdin posted its latest tutorial video instructing viewers how to produce sodium cyanide from apple seeds. A week later, a member of the password-protected pro-Islamic State and pro-al-Qaeda jihadi Internet forum Shumukh al-Islam started a thread on the topic of producing phosphine gas for use with IEDs and VBIEDs. Both sodium cyanide and phosphine gas are extremely toxic chemicals, the former affecting the body through ingestion and skin contact and the latter through inhalation. Moreover, both can be considered "poor man's chemical weapons," as they are easily synthesized chemicals, produced from readily available precursors. The two incidents highlight the continuing appeal of using toxic materials among terrorists, whether biological or chemical, to conduct CBRN attacks.

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