Jihadists Discuss Modifying RC UAVs into Airborne IEDs

Apr 19, 2016

In January 2016, a member of the password-protected pro-Islamic State and pro-al-Qaeda jihadi Internet forum Shumukh al-Islam started a thread on the topic of transforming a long-distance RC UAV into a guided airborne IED (ABIED). The user suggests using such ABIEDs to conduct targeted killings, and posed several interesting questions, which in turn garnered interesting answers from another forum member. While progress has been made in adapting and modifying commercial UAVs for combat, enabling them to carry and drop explosive payloads, well beyond their far more common use for reconnaissance, monitoring and surveillance, this discussion is notable because of the types of questions posed and the response received. To purchase the full TG Alert please contact shani@terrogence.com