PIR Sensors Fitted to RCIEDs, Saudi Arabia-Yemen Border

Jul 24, 2016

Between June 15 and 16, 2016, booby-trapped IEDs in rock camouflage were neutralized and documented by a Saudi Arabian Army EOD unit near the Saudi Arabia-Yemen border. According to reports, the IEDs were planted by Houthi militants, as part of their ongoing battle against the Kingdom. The IEDs were fitted with RC initiation systems, in addition to PIR sensors.

This latest, somewhat usual incident between the Houthi and Saudi forces dates back to March 2015, when Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners launched a military intervention in Yemen in support of Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, after the latter fled the country and found refuge in the Saudi Kingdom in the wake of a Houthi (a Zaydi Shiite political movement) offensive on Aden. The Saudi-led coalition of Sunni Arab nations justified its involvement in the Yemeni Civil War as part of a larger effort to curb Iranian influence in the region. In Yemen, in particular, the Saudis allege that Iran is backing the Houthis, transforming the country into yet another battleground in the Saudi-Iranian rivalry for regional influence and power, lately involving Saudi ground forces.


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