Terrogence Hydra™ May Report

Jun 12, 2016

The In Focus section of this report examines recent developments in al-Qaeda's strategy toward Syria, after an audio message by the organization's leader Ayman al-Zawahiri expressing support for the establishment of an Islamic emirate in Syria, called for a general recruitment of Muslims to fight in Syria, and for the unity of all jihadist factions in Syria, regardless of group affiliation. While alZawahiri's message was interpreted by many as agreeing to relinquish al-Qaeda's control over jihadist groups in Syria, evidence shows that the group is using the unity of jihadi factions to slowly and quietly increase its influence in Syria.

The report also offers an analysis of the main events currently under discussion in the online jihadi community and a Who’s Who section examining the activities of Ardul Malahim, a pro-AQ activist of German origin fighting in Syria with Jaysh al-Sunnah.

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