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Terrogence latest Hydra report: this month's In Focus item deals with the role of children in global jihadi movements

Nov 3, 2016

This month's In Focus item deals with the role of children in global jihadi movements. Groups like the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda put their focus on their propaganda publications and lately, they have been using adolescents on the battlefield as well. The Islamic State educates its children to keep its legacy alive, even as the group experiences difficult times and suffers territorial losses.


The second part of the report includes an analysis of the main events this month. The Islamic State is escalating its rhetoric against Turkey, who is operating against the group in Iraq and Syria. This escalation may include IS attempts to execute attacks inside Turkey. The battle to liberate the city of Mosul, in Iraq, has started. The Islamic State prepared well in advance with an extensive tunnel system, praised in the group's media publications. In Afghanistan, the Taliban managed to wrest control over the city of Kunduz. Albeit short-lived, the fact that the Taliban has succeeded in taking control of the city twice within one year indicates that security forces' activities in this area are ineffective. hydra.JPG


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