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VBIED Intercepted in Yesilli District, Mardin Province, Turkey

May 8, 2016

On April 12, 2016, police in Mardin Province's Yesilli District, adjacent to Turkey's border with Syria, intercepted a VBIED comprising approximately three tons of explosives packed mostly in large barrels, fitted with an RC initiation system.

According to reports, Turkish Police flagged down a white Renault Master LWB commercial van after the driver exhibited suspicious behavior. When the driver refused to stop, police pursued the vehicle and shot at the tires, forcing it to halt. The driver fled and a manhunt ensued. Two days later, two suspects were located, both of whom were shot dead during an attempted arrest by police officers when they were fired upon. Local reports ascribed the VBIED to the PKK, alleging that the latter planned to use the VBIED in an attack against the Police Headquarters in Mardin.

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