Vehicle VBIEDs Seized by YAT in Rojava, Syria

May 15, 2016

On April 29, 2016, the security forces of Rojava, the Kurdish autonomous region in Syria, reported the seizure of Islamic State VBIEDs concealed in new vehicles and smuggled into Rojava, intended to be sold to Kurdish citizens before being initiated. Medium-sized IEDs were skillfully concealed in cavities throughout the vehicles, connected to digital delay timers.

This TTP of concealing IEDs inside brand new vehicles intended to be sold in the heart of an "enemy" city is a new concept not previously documented. The professional concealment of the IEDs, secured in place with polyurethane foam to prevent any telltale movement, in addition to the cased, pre-set initiation systems, was all designed to ensure the penetration of the VBIEDs deep inside the Kurdish civilian population, by way of unsuspecting Kurds seeking to purchase a new vehicle.

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