IS PBIED Attack Thwarted by Iraqi Police, Kadhimiya, Baghdad, Iraq

Jun 20, 2016

On May 25, 2016, police officers with the Eighth Brigade of Iraq's Federal Police arrested an Islamic State suicide bomber wearing a PBIED vest at a security checkpoint in Kadhimiya, a predominately Shi'ite neighborhood of northern Baghdad, Iraq. The PBIED was neutralized by security forces and the IS operative was taken into custody.

This thwarted PBIED attack as well as other more recent attacks, demonstrate that IS has no intention of relenting in its efforts to subvert security and the political situation in the capital. The attacks point to the resilience of the Islamic State group, which has claimed responsibility for many of the deadliest attacks. By sowing discord among the forces opposing it in order to weaken them, IS hopes to undermine the military offensives currently pushing the group out of areas it currently controls.

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