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Mobius 24/2024 – Weaponized UAVs Used by Hezbollah, Israel-Lebanon

At the outbreak of the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, Lebanese Hezbollah joined the fight against Israel. The organization takes an active part in the fighting on a daily basis by launching rockets, firing anti-tank guided missiles...
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Hydra report March 2024

This month’s In Focus analyzes the major terrorist attack involving massive shooting and IIDs that shook a Moscow suburb city. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack with no affiliation to any province. However, it was suggested by different sources...
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Mobius 23/2024 – Accelerometer and Gyroscope-Based Systems for Weaponized UAVs, Ukraine

Since late 2023, there has been a lively discussion on several Ukrainian and Russian Telegram channels regarding the potential use of initiation systems for weaponized UAVs, most of which operate on the principle of a gyroscope, that may cause the...
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Mobius 22/2024 – Standard Mines Made in Myanmar

In recent months, large quantities of standard weapons were seized from Myanmar Army forces during the operations of militant groups, mainly the Arakan Army. The documentation of the large amount of weaponry included standard anti-personnel and anti-tank mines that are...
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Mobius 21/2024 – IED Attack at the Rameshwaram Café, Bengaluru, India

On March 1, 2024, an IED initiated at the Rameshwaram Café in Bengaluru, southern India. Ten people were injured, including customers and restaurant employees. Remains of a fabric strap of a black backpack, an initiation system and bolts and nuts...
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TGA0781 – Poisonous Substances Used by Ukrainian Agents Against High Value Russian Targets

In late February 2024, the Russian Federal Security Service announced the capture of a cell of Ukrainian agents that was reportedly planning to assassinate pro-Russia officials in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, in southern Ukraine.According to reports, IED components, as well as poisonous...
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