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Mobius 49/2024 – Melt Cast Explosives in IEDs, Ukraine

In recent months, documentation of standard explosives melted and cast for use in IEDs by Ukrainian fighters has appeared. The explosives were sourced from standard munitions, including various shells, mortar bombs and hand grenades. The methods documented include melting in...
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TGA0794 – AT Mines with Short Delay Initiation Used in Close Combat Situations, Ukraine

In July 2024, Russian forces were documented in several different incidents hurling anti-tank mines fitted with short delay initiation systems into buildings where Ukrainian soldiers were positioned. This action was performed in close proximity to the target, posing considerable danger...
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Hydra report June 2024

This month’s In Focus analyzes the three coordinated PBIED attacks in Nigeria targeting a wedding, a funeral and a hospital, which claimed the lives of at least 32 people, with at least 30 others injured. According to witnesses, at least one of the...
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Mobius 48/2024 – Iranian Missile and Loitering Munition Attack on Israel

During the night between April 13 and 14, 2024, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps launched a large-scale attack against the State of Israel, in which ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and loitering munitions were employed. The attack, dubbed Operation True Promise...
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Mobius 47/2024 – TM-62 AT Mines Used as Improvised Bomblets, Ukraine

Modifying standard munitions for use with armed UAVs is a popular TTP employed by both the Russians and Ukrainians since shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The availability of large amounts of Soviet ordnance enables both sides to find...
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TGA0793 – Standardized Ukrainian Initiation System Seized by Russian Forces

In June 2024, a Russian military-related Telegram channel posted documentation of an improvised Ukrainian bomblet seized by Russian forces close to Kharkiv, in northeastern Ukraine. The bomblet was fitted with an improvised initiation system – one of many produced by...
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