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Mobius 40/2024 – Remote Mine-Laying with UAVs and UGVs in the Ukraine – Russia War

In recent months, coverage of the war in Ukraine has revealed the growing use of unmanned systems – mainly UAVs, but also unmanned ground vehicles – for remote mine-laying in areas and roads used by the enemy, and to attack...
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Mobius 39/2024 – IEDs Manually Placed on Israeli Tanks in the Gaza Strip

Since the start of the Iron Swords/Al-Aqsa Flood War on October 7, 2023, the use of sticky and other IEDs manually placed by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has been documented. In the course of the war, and throughout...
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Mobius 38/2024 – Hamas Tunnel Booby-Trapping, Gaza Strip

In late March and late April 2024, the Al Jazeera news network published two videos documenting combat tactics used by Hamas – tunnel warfare and booby-trapping in particular. The news stories mentioned various methods employed by Hamas to booby-trap tunnels, and...
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Mobius 37/2024 – Series of IED Attacks in Kyiv Thwarted by Ukrainian SBU

On May 11, 2024, the Security Service of Ukraine announced the arrest of a Russia-backed sabotage cell that allegedly planned a series of IED attacks in Kyiv on May 9 (Victory Day.)The attacks were planned to take place in public places,...
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Mobius 36/2024 – Attacks Targeting Biomass Power Plants, Southern Thailand

On April 26, 2024, between midnight and 1 AM, several explosions occurred at the Rungtiva (Rungthiwa) Biomass Power Plant, near Ban Plak Bo, in Saba Yoi District, in Songkhla Province.On the same night, another biomass power plant was attacked with...
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TGA0789 – Concealment Techniques for IEDs, Ukraine

During April 2024, a number of incidents involving camouflaged IEDs used by Ukrainian forces were documented in Ukraine, showcasing the adoption of increasingly sophisticated camouflage techniques. These concealment TTPs have been observed in numerous conflicts around the world, and are...
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