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Virtual Humint / Intelligence-As a Service

In recent years, the volume of information stemming from the web and social networks has increased by orders of magnitude. Terrogence analysts utilize multiple virtual agents (Avatars) to gather  OSINT and HUMINT on the web, proactively engaging with potential threat actors on social media, instant messaging, and the Deep Web, and provide the relevant context to mitigate threats in the most effective way.  


For over 17 years, Terrogence analyst team has been gathering, indexing, and analyzing counterterrorism and other intelligence data from open and closed sources.

CODEX® is the essence of all the data and analysis we have compiled since 2004, and the intelligence we continue to collect every day. This one-of-a-kind database comprises millions of items, including raw photos, videos, and intelligence reports, in addition to millions of relevant meta-data records.  

Counter-Terrorism Expert Reports

Terrogence regularly produces four unique expert intelligence reports covering counterterrorism open-source and Deep Web intelligence, each designed to expose significant techno-tactical / strategic developments by non-state actors across the world of terrorism and violence, with in-depth analysis by our team of experienced professional analysts.

Training & Workshops

Terrogence team of high caliber intelligence professionals, linguists, and Subject Matter Experts, empowered by web-specific methodologies and technologies, presents a unique, flexible and powerful setup, to add another important layer of domain expertise to your operation. The training is conducted at the customer location or in a technology-oriented classroom.

Terrogence offers an extensive training program focused on specific geographies (Metropolis, State, Country, Region) or a particular subject (e.g. Terror, Crime, Cyber, IEDs, HME, Radicalism).

The trainers in the workshops come from rich intelligence and operational background in SIGINT, HUMINT, OSINT, CYBER, and Homeland Security Strategy.