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Terrogence to present at Airport Conference in Germany

Mar 2, 2016

Shai Arbel is a leading WEBINT, OSINT and cyber threat intelligence expert, with over 15 years' experience in the field of intelligence. He is the CEO of Terrogence and a co-founder of SenseCy Cyber Intelligence Ltd. Before joining Terrogence, Shai was a team leader in the IDF Intelligence Corps and also worked for the Israeli Security Agency. He is a fellow of the prestigious Merage Foundation Cyber Security programme and a member of the Advisory Committee of the Homeland Security (HLS) Department (Cyber branch) of the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI). Shai founded the Virtual Humint methodology implemented in Terrogence and in several leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 security and HLS agencies around the world.

Understanding your risks – the use of private intelligence providers: Panel Overview

The aviation security industry is increasingly dependent on intelligence services via the private sector. Their services are beneficial because these companies are able to provide accurate information. Some services provide a dashboard of global to-the-hour information; others provide deeper intelligence based on regular engagement with their customers. But most airlines and airports employ their own security directors and have relationships with government intelligence agencies, so why are the services of external companies required? What model of information is the best for the aviation sector? What is the value proposition and the risk for companies that do not employ such services?

The audience will learn:

  • Why airline security departments employ private intelligence service providers
  • The value that intelligence service provides to its customers
  • Risk that operators without the most current and accurate information may face
  • Potential applications for intelligence services for other players besides airlines

Chief Superintendent Michael Cardash, the former Deputy Head of the Israeli police bomb disposal division, retired after a 27-year career as a senior bomb technician. During those years he participated in numerous missions defeating IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and other counter-terrorist operations. He commanded bomb disposal units within the border guards and police during intense terrorist conflicts in Israel, gaining immense experience investigating and responding to the variety of terror attacks and in particular to suicide bombings and devices. During his career Michael instructed law enforcement personnel and bomb technicians from around the world. He headed the Israeli police bomb disposal school, teaching and guiding bomb technicians, assisted in founding counter-terror security procedures and shared his experience with counter-terror operatives around the world. Michael is one of the world's leading experts in analysing and assessing global IED-related technical and tactical intelligence, and authors the Terrogence Möbius C-IED reports.

ISIS explosive devices and aviation terror 2015 – Seminar Overview

ISIS is the most prominent and fast-expanding terror group in the Middle East, influencing operatives and inspiring many others around the world. The presentation will review some of the more interesting IED (improvised explosive device) trends that have been developed and are being utilised by ISIS particularly in Syria and Iraq. In addition, the presentation will overview the Metrojet airline bombing (claimed by ISIS Sinai) and Dallo airline bombing (claimed by Al Shabab in Somalia).

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