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Urdu Manual - Improvised Electronic Delay Initiation Systems

Jun 12, 2016

On December 27, 2015, an Urdu-language translation of an Arabic manual called "Explosives Course" was posted on the al-Minbar al-'Ilami al-Jihadi forum. The manual proposes three different methods for modifying alarm clocks, two of which involve connecting an external battery while creating a separate detonator circuit connected to the alarm's contact plate, and the last is based on directly connecting the detonator to the wires of the lightbulb inside the clock. The manual lays out the different ways to prepare electronic delay timers, based on amplifying voltage or converting various timers and alarm clocks, in a clear, accurate and precise manner. The initiation systems described in the manual are popular systems used extensively by various terrorist groups, particularly jihadists.



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