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Mobius report 91/2022 – PBIED Attack with Two Pressure Cookers, Astana Police Station, Bandung, Indonesia

On December 7, 2022, a suicide bomber initiated a PBIED at the entrance to the Astana Anyar Police Station in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The attack occurred while the police officers were gathered for their morning briefing, killing one of them and wounding ten. A civilian who was passing by the station at the moment of initiation was also slightly injured.

The suicide bomber had been recently released from prison after serving time for preparing IEDs and assisting in an IED attack in February 2017.

The PBIED that was initiated at the police station in December 2022 comprised two pressure cooker IEDs worn by the suicide bomber on his chest and back. According to reports, only one initiated and the other was blown off his body and was later neutralized by bomb disposal technicians. Pressure cooker IEDs are not uncommon in PBIED configurations in Indonesia.

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