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TGA0721 Islamic State’s Al-Saqri Foundation Presents Manual for 2-Way Radio RCIED Initiation System

In early December 2022, the veteran Islamic State-aligned Al-Saqri Foundation for Military Sciences media unit published a new manual providing instructions for the assembly of an RC initiation system based on a Baofeng-brand two-way radio set. The demonstrated method involves soldering the audio cable of the receiver radio to the speaker pads, followed by the assembly of a DIY PCB with a DTMF decoder module and power amplifiers for the detonator, and a switching circuit with three LED indicator lights for safely testing and arming the system. This suggested DTMF and switching circuit likely requires above-average knowledge to successfully reproduce. Personal mobile radio devices, usually fitted with improvised DTMF systems, are used in RCIED initiation systems in different arenas and remain a favorite system for IED-makers due to their wide range of frequencies that can be easily changed, making them difficult to block with ECM, notwithstanding their limited operating range.

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