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Mobius report 18/2023 – RCIED Neutralized in Mali

On February 26, 2023, an IED was found on the side of the RN15 road, about 3 km from the city of Bandiagara, near Dokumbau, in Mali. The neutralized IED, which was hidden under a cardboard box, comprised a cylindrical metal casing filled with a white powder explosive, a booster charge fashioned from knotted detonating cord connected to an electric detonator, and an RC initiation system incorporating a commercial gate opener receiver and a 12 V battery. The components of the IED and the RC initiation system are the same as other RCIED initiation systems that started to appear in Burkina Faso recently. The TTP of a roadside IED in the configuration of a directional charge is a new trend in the arena for targeting convoys or vehicles, marking a transition from the underbelly IEDs evidenced to date in the Sahel arena.

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