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Mobius 19/2024 – Improvised Electric Grenades Thrown at Mayor and Police Officers, Pattani, Thailand

On March 10, 2024, at 9:56 AM, an explosion took place at Café Amazon within the premises of a PTT gas station in Ban Nad Khamis, situated in Pattani Province’s Thung Yang Daeng District, near Road 4071, after two improvised grenades were thrown toward a table at the coffee shop’s terrace. The table was occupied by Sobri Pohsu, the mayor of the Nam Dam Tambon Administrative Organization (TAO,) Lieutenant Colonel Veerawat Darongkoon, Crime Suppression Inspector of Thung Yang Daeng Police Station, and another police officer, Sergeant Anirut Koklang.
One of the grenades initiated immediately, while the other initiated at the scene an hour and a half later. These grenades are of an improvised model, featuring a short electronic delay mechanism, commonly utilized by militants in southern Thailand.

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