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Mobius 30/2024 – Booby-Trapped Loitering Munitions, Ukraine

On March 18, 2024, a booby-trapped Ukrainian loitering munition downed by Russian forces was documented. The warhead comprised a standard KZ-6 charge connected to an improvised base-detonating mechanical fuse and an electric detonator with a Djonik magnetic sensor system. In counter-unmanned aerial systems warfare, which is based mainly on electronic countermeasures, collecting the remains and parts of downed UAS is prioritized in order to study these items and the frequencies used by the systems so the C-UAS systems can be calibrated and optimized. There is an increasing trend of booby-trapping UAS, including loitering munitions, in recent times, particularly in the Ukrainian arena, including instructional manuals on the subject, to thwart attempts at collecting the remains of the UAS and systems. Self-destruct mechanisms are also being found in loitering munitions.
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