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Mobius 41/2024 – Ukrainian Volunteers Develop Improvised RC Systems for EOD and Combat Engineers

Throughout the war between Ukraine and Russia, the increasing development of a variety of weapons and systems by volunteer and combatant groups has been observed in the fields of armed UAVs and improvised loitering munitions, dedicated ammunition and various initiation systems. These developments were prompted by the identification of an inconsistency in the availability of weapons and components, and the lack of equipment, particularly on the Ukrainian side. In recent months, the development, assembly and distribution of RC initiation systems intended for EOD technicians and combat engineers has been evidenced, mainly for clearing and neutralizing mines and UXO. These systems can also be used to initiate ordnance or IEDs. The RC initiation systems are mainly based on commercial systems and components of commercial off-the-shelf systems that meet the needs of the forces.
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