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Mobius 46/2024 – Unmanned Aircraft Carriers Extend Range of FPV Drone-Based Loitering Munitions

In May 2024, Ukrainian sources published a video purportedly intercepted from the camera of a Russian FPV racing drone showing the FPV drone deployed as an improvised loitering munition separating from its “carrier.” A few days later, a Russian source published an image of an unmanned Russian FPV carrier, linking it to the aforementioned video and claiming that Russian forces have started using unmanned aircraft carriers to deliver FPV drones closer to targets located at further distances than their range on the battlefield. The aircraft carrier resembles the “Admiral” aircraft carrier presented by Russia in August 2023.
Unmanned FPV aircraft carriers are designed to increase the limited attack range of FPV drones, serving as a communication relay that extends control of the improvised loitering munition over a greater distance, thus improving its effectiveness.
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