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TGA0767 – PG Rounds with Improvised Fragmentation Payloads, Donetsk, Ukraine

In the course of the war in Ukraine, soldiers from both sides of the conflict have been documented adding improvised fragmentation to PG rounds, in the belief this will increase the lethality of the weapon against infantry targets. As the war progressed, more efficient methods have been evidenced – the most recent being the addition of custom-made fragmentation payloads that were likely manufactured in workshops for this specific purpose. While the RPG-7 and the SPG-9 have standard variants of fragmentation ammunition, at times, combatants are required to improvise with whatever materials are available. The improvised custom-made fragmentation payload can also be added to or removed from HEAT PG rounds, depending on the specific mission requirements. The addition of these fragmentation payloads to PG rounds is an increasing phenomena, suggesting it has some effectiveness, notwithstanding its disadvantages – the main one being the payload  itself, which affects the flight stability, distance and accuracy of the PG warhead.  

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