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TGA0768 – 3D-Printed Initiation Component for UZRG-M Fuze Used with Armed UAV Ammunition, Ukraine

Since the early stages of the war in Ukraine, the use of an X-shaped plastic initiation component has been evidenced fitted to UZRG-M grenade fuzes attached to payloads released from COTS armed quadcopters over Russian positions. This component serves as a lever restraint for the UZRG-M fuze. Since February 2023, this lever restraint has been documented extensively in Russian and Ukrainian 3D-printing workshops. Its simplicity makes it a convenient, safe and effective solution for modifying UZRG-M fuzes for use with explosive payloads, mostly standard F-1 grenades, of armed UAVs. This lever restraint is inexpensive and easy to print in large quantities, especially in 3D-printing workshops, and has become one of the most common improvised initiation components for grenades and other ammunition fitted with UZRG-M fuzes for use with armed UAVs.  

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