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Mobius 3/2024 – Standard Ammunition for Russian Weaponized UAVs

Between October and December 2023, an official manual for an armed UAV ammunition model named OFSP-0.8 was published in the chat of a Russian Telegram channel, followed by its appearance in a Ukrainian military-related channel. The OFSP ammunition family for armed UAVs first emerged in 2022 and was initially employed with the Russian Orlan-10 fixed-wing UAV. Lately, this type of ammunition has been appearing more frequently, utilized by Russian forces with DJI Mavic drones, and has also been documented on FPV racing drones-based improvised loitering munitions. The designs of ammunition for rotary-wing drones now include various sizes, featuring an upgraded HEAT ammunition named KZSP, which has only recently started to be supplied to Russian forces.

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