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TGA0770 – Iranian Cruise Missile Appears in Iraq

TGA0770 – Iranian Cruise Missile Appears in Iraq

On January 3, 2024, Iraqi police forces recovered a cruise missile following a failed launch attempt from a truck-mounted launcher, targeting a US military base. The missile, which likely belonged to the Shia Iran-backed Islamic Resistance in Iraq, bears great similarity to the Houthi Quds cruise missile family and the Iranian Soumar cruise missile family. The incident marks the first public appearance of a cruise missile in operational use by Shia proxy militias in Iraq. It adds to the “358” surface-to-air missile family and the loitering munitions observed in Iraq and Yemen, underscoring the ongoing supply of aerial warfare weapons from Iran to proxy militias, namely, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq and the Houthis, in these respective countries.

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