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TGA0771 – IEDs Placed Inside Trains, Pakistan

TGA0771 – IEDs Placed Inside Trains, Pakistan
On December 22, 2023, an unexploded IED concealed in a backpack was discovered aboard a train during a stop at Cantonment Station in Karachi, Pakistan’s capital. The IED was fitted with an initiation system comprising an analog alarm clock modified as a delay timer and a car battery. Within the known TTP of attacks targeting trains, Pakistan has faced numerous sabotage attacks and attempted attacks focusing on its railway infrastructure. The recent thwarted train attack in Karachi, along with a previous incident in February 2023 involving an IED detonating in a train’s toilet stall, represent the reemergence of a modus operandi less commonly used by anti-government groups to target both security forces and civilians, taking advantage of the country’s ramified train and railway network.

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